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As July pushes on, we are realizing how much time flies when you are here.  Samantha, Christina, and I, Cassidy, have been here for two weeks now and are enjoying the continuation of building strong relationships with the 23 boys here at Niños.  Our time here again this summer is precious.  The boys are doing very well.  They are all still in school since their long break is in the winter.  The new school here in the project is operating very well.  There are two excellent teachers, one with first grade and one with second.  The education the young boys and surrounding village kids are getting is a high quality, reliable one.  How wonderful it is to hear the little ones reading donated books to us in their free time.  Also, the construction of the new boys dorm is coming along.  Everyday the workers are here working but the afternoon showers cause the process to be a bit slower.  However, with the large group from Tomball Bible Church coming on July 14th, it is a hope to accomplish a large chunk in that week.  Praise the Lord for the finances that are allowing this building to be constructed.  In addition to the extra helping hands in medical and construction around the project, the boys are extremely excited that their padrinos are coming.  Padrinos- remember that it isn´t about the gifts you bring, but it is about the time and love you share with them.  Also know that your monthly support is a huge help in the necessary, daily needs of the boys.  With the constant replenishing of shoes, uniforms, bus money, school tuition, etc., you all make it possible to provide all these things. 

Last Saturday, all 23 boys, 2 educators, the cook and her daughter, Mary, and us three girls piled in the big white truck and went to the river.  It was a beautiful place where we got to swim and enjoy very cool, refreshing water.  It was proof that boys are boys no matter where they live.  The boys were jumping from the highest rock they could find and sliding down watershoots (haha).  It is always cute to see the boys playing and helping each other.  Melvin and Manuel were teaching the new little one, Pedro, how to swim while Santos was giving piggy back rides to the cook´s little girl.  The way they take care of each other and interact as a family is heart-warming. Long story short, we are taking advantage of every moment spent here at Niños de la Luz and with Bill and Mary.  What a pleasure it is to serve here 4 years in a row and see the Lord working through this place. 


With much love,Cassidy, Samantha, and Christina
(volunteers from Texas)


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