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For those of you who are not part of the Children of the Light Facebook Cause, here is a digest of the Announcements that are periodically made to members.  You may find inspiration in some of the announcements, or perhaps just an interesting fact. Enjoy!





I just want to send out a thank you to everyone who has joined this cause-especially a big thanks to all our new members! 
Within just a year, this cause has grown so much and has helped support and spread awareness about The Children of the Light in Honduras! Thank you!! 
We are well on our way to 1,000 members so to keep the positive energy going, I’m asking everyone to recruit just ONE person to this cause…if everyone did that we could easily double our members. It’s very simple and takes less than a minute to do, so please try to spread the word on these boys!! 
Thank youu and keep inviting your friends 🙂





Bread & Fish to Feed 5 Thousand!


For those new members, welcome and I sincerely Thank You for joining the COTL Facebook Family! 

A few of you were present for mass this past weekend at St. Teresa of Avila Church in Woodbury, Connecticut to hear Fr. Bob give a beautiful homily branching off the story of Jesus feeding the crowd for thousands with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. 

Sparking from this gospel is the concept and mindset that even the smallest gift you can give will make a difference in thousands. 

Fr. Bob estimated that if every family from the approx. 500 parish families gave $10 a MONTH to Children of the Light, they would have enough donations to restart the building of their new dorm for 40 boys, which recently had to be ceased for lack of funds. 

If every member of This Cause donated just $10 a MONTH, almost 900 people total, not only would they have enough donations to restart and finish the dormitory, but they would be that much closer to having enough money to combat rising Food and Fuel prices to feed and care for the boys, as well as pay their 23 school tuition bills every month, without worry. 

What is $10 a month to you? For starters, that’s 0.33 CENTS A DAY. I lose more change than that in the washer everyday.

-It’s 3 Tall Starbucks Mocha Frapps that my thighs are thanking me for skipping this month. 

-It’s a 7pm screening of “College Road Trip” that you REALLY should live without. (trust me) 

$10 to us is not much at all, but to the crowd who has no bread and fish at all, it’s more than you know. 

In Honduras, $10 is 189 Lempira. It’s 189 Lempira that they didn’t have before, and perhaps didn’t know from where it was going to come next. It’s HOPE that someone is making a monthly commitment to make sure that 189 lempira will always be there. 

Sometimes we take for granted how our next paycheck arrives in our hands. We work hard for it, and we know it will be there, on time. 

What if you worked hard for your paycheck, but never had a clue as to whether your hard work would be rewarded with necessary funds? Perhaps your 40+ hours a week will result in nothing this time. Imagine that kind of uncertainty in your life. That uncertainty exists every day with Children of the Light, hoping and praying that someone will help them make sure their boys don’t go hungry, sick, or without education. They never have the ease and comfort in knowing that those donations will always be there. 

If you feel ready to commit to a monthly donation to The Children of the Light, the Donate link is on the Right side of our Cause page. If you are afraid you will commit and then forget, you can send me a message with a specific date, and every month on that day, I will send you a friendly reminder message. 

If you need inspiration or need help in making a decision to donate, you can spend some time at http://thechildrenofthelight.wor… 

Thank you for being a part of the COTL Cause. Even your presence as 1 single member does HUGE things. 

Love to You All! 



Think About This For 2 Seconds…

(posted November 2007)


Here’s the deal: if every Cause member donated 1 dollar right now, we’d be able to provide all the necessary funds for 2 week at the orphanage. This is because during their “summer months” (now) they have to pay their staff double, per Honduran Law. 

HOWEVER, the Causes app only lets you donate a minimum of $10, not $1. I don’t know about you, but I and a lot of my friends spend more than $10 in two days alone on coffee, energy drinks, etc. Now, idealy, if everyone donated $10 once, we would provide Mary & Bill’s oprhanage with enough funds ($5,000) for over 2 months this season, and almost 5 months during their non-summer months! 

Consider it, especially with thanksgiving and the holidays coming up — when you’re giving thanks for all you have, consider all that others don’t. 

I know I’ll be donating more than $10, but are you generous to give up a few starbucks runs to keep homeless kids off the street another month? 

Hapy Holidays! 

❤ Genna





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