A Note From Bill, Mary & The Boys!

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Hello dear family,
First of all we want to say thank you for all you do for us, for yor love, prayers, and your support, but most of all for your faithful commitment to our dear LORD.  We also want to wish you All a blessed THANKSGIVING DAY!
So many things are happening right now, this month (November) is a very busy month for our parents Bill & Mary, many of us have already graduated, thanks to the Lord, you and our family of Niños de la luz. Even though life seems harder, we are so grateful and blessed by having you as part of our lives.
We also want to let you all know that this year we are going to start celebrating Thanksgiving, something that we should’ve done before, but it is never too late to do it. The kids are very excited.  They do not know what it is like to celebrate that so it will be great to share with them the story of Thanksgiving and to have a nice meal together as a grateful family.
Oscar, Marquitos, Michael, Milton and Pedro are driving us crazy (Mary especially)!  They have been asking to set up the Christmas tree for the last month and a half, can you believe it?  I’m sure you can, all kids are the same.  Lord willing, this coming Saturday we get to decorate the Christmas tree.
We are so proud and we know you are too, that our very first graduates from high school, Melvin and Noé, just had their Graduation Ceremony at their schools. What a beautiful feeling it was to be there with them and share that wonderful achievement, thanks to Our Lord and to you.  It is funny but not hard to believe that one of the teachers told Melvin: “WOW your mom (Mary) looks more excited than you do!”  I could not hide my happiness and honor.
We also had the graduations of four 6th graders (Fernando, Geovanny, Jesús & Juan de Dios).  They were so happy and proud, Praise the Lord. Graduating from Kindergarden was Pedrito.
In our school (Escuela Cristiana Niños de la Luz) everything went well, we had a great Thanksgiving dinner with the school kids and parents.  It was beautiful, very beautiful.
Finally our dear Michael is going to second grade and he did great, Praise the Lord for that.  Also Marquitos is going to 3rd grade as well as Oscar.  Marquitos was very upset last February when he found out that he was going to repeat 2nd grade. Some of you may remember how upset Marquitos was because he had to repeat 2nd. grade. His comment was: “THEY THINK I’M A PIG TO REPEAT A YEAR AGAIN!!”  What he meant was ‘they think I’m foolish…’ 
Most of the kids are out of school and some (3) are taking tutoring so they can take a couple of tests because the flunked some subjects. Please pray for them that the Lord continues to give them wisdom so they can pass the school year. They all did well in school except for a couple that we pray will do much better next year.

We love you all and could never thank you enough for all you do for our boys and His ministry.
Mary, Bill Kwiatkowski & Niños de la Luz family




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