Day of the Child Celebration!!

29 November 2008 at 10:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Hola Dear family of Niños de la Luz/Children of the Light.

September is a very special month, two great reasons: We celebrate  the day of the child on September 10th and our Independence on September 15th. We had the blessing of a local bilingual school that came to celebrate with our boys, they brought a nice lunch, cake and lots of goodies, the kids were very happy. In the afternoon a very nice family  invited us for dinner at “Pizza Hut”, the boys’ favorite place to eat… they normally eat all they want.  This family has been doing this for the last two years, they invite the kids and staff.

This celebration was the first experience for Milton and Pedrito as they are the newest residents of the family. By the way, Pedrito has a broken arm.  A week and a half ago he fell on his arm and broke it.  He is doing fine and having the cast did not stop him from joining the different acitvities including breaking a piñata.

Please pray that Milton and Pedro will continue to live with us.  The Family Judge already gave back their custody to their mom. We talked to her and asked her to let us keep the boys, and she agreed but we do not know for how long that will be. This lady has a daughter (13) and two boys (10) and (6); Milton (8) and Pedro (7) plus a 4-year-old that lives with his uncle. The first three kids are back with her after being under the goverment custody for 5 years.


Love & God Bless,


Bill & Mary


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