Erb Family Update

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An Update From Cindy & Her Family!

This was a newsletter sent by Cindy Erb and her family, who live in La Ceiba and work with COTL.  This is also posted under the ‘Newsletters’ section of the website.  Pray for Cindy and her family that the New Year will bring far fewer challenges than 2008 did!



Dear friends and family,

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. Where should I start? God has seen us through a difficult patch and we thank Him. Oct. 20th we went into La Ceiba to pay our rent. The roof had been leaking a fair amount and we mentioned it to the rental company.

The landlord and another man came out that week to take a look and the man fell through our roof and ended up landing on the ceiling in our bedroom! There were some other major holes in the roof as well, thus the leaking. They put down some tarps and left saying they would decide how to fix it… Well, that night was the beginning of a tropical storm blowing through and we got soaked to put it mildly. There was a river running down our stairs.. We packed our stuff as quickly as possible and moved to Bill and Mary’s house. We left the dogs behind to look after the house. One morning when we stopped by the house to feed the dogs, we noticed Akela, our male Doberman, staggering around the yard. Upon closer inspection we saw the house had been broken into and a bag of bread laced with something bad had been thrown to the dogs. Tinkerbell, our female Doberman, didn’t seem to have eaten any of the poison, thank God. There were big splashes of blood on the driveway, which the vet later confirmed were not from the dogs. I guess whoever stopped by got torn up fairly well by the dogs and was probably quite angry upon entering the house to see it empty and full of water. We rushed Akela to the vet. He was given 2 injections of who knows what and 2 bags of IV fluids and he has fully recovered! We spent about a week looking for a different house. Finally we found a tiny one in Bill and Mary’s neighborhood and have moved in there. The first time we turned on the water to this house the pipe under the kitchen sink burst apart and flooded the kitchen. Yes, I burst into tears! Michael had taken Alex to school and I was home alone. I ran next store to get help and the construction workers there came to my aid. They repaired that pipe and 2 others that day, one of which was under the foundation. We now have water, at least during the times when it is available.

Although we weren’t very happy that week, coming out to the boys’ home and getting a dozen hugs and looking into their big brown eyes was a constant reminder of how good we have it and what our true purpose is here. As Thanksgiving approaches, I think of just how blessed we are. I remember writing to you all a year ago to tell you of our Honduran plans. What a year it has been and look what God has done! To Him be all the glory, praise and honor! Thank you all for your faithfulness, prayers and constant support. You are a major part of this ministry, probably more than you realize… Thank you! 

In God’s hands, 

Cindy, Michael, Alex and Natasha


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