EXTRAORDINARY Update From Mary & Bill!!

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May 7, 2009

Around 5:30pm, we get a phone call from the Boy’s home; they said Marquitos broke his arm! The Lord knew that would happened, Michael Erb was at the Project giving a tour to his friend, he brought Marquitos to our house and from there we went to the Hospital. 

We arrived at the private hospital at 6:00pm. All of our boys get out patient services at no charge. They take care of the kids but there are some exceptions in what they can do for them, one of the exceptions is no surgery of any kind, no hospitalization, etc.


We went to the Emergency room; as soon as the Doctor saw him he said this boy needs surgery. My heart went crazy…what do we do? They gave him a shot for pain and needed to wait for the technician that will take X-rays, he showed up around 8:30pm. Our boy is calm. The X-rays showed his arm is badly broken.

Now we had to wait for the Orthopedic, he was mean person. It was all business for him and nothing else.  

The Doctor said we needed to take him to the public Hospital; you do not want to go there believe me. I called Bill and asked: can I use the credit card and pay for his attention here? He goes of course, you don’t want to take him to the public hospital. I started asking about how much it will be. They said the first procedure to try to put his bone back is about ten thousand Lempiras, about $530 but you need to leave a deposit of $800.00. Shocking for us but the credit card can take that and more. If the first procedure does not work we will have to operate; how much is that, about  $3,200. 

I asked to call the Administrator, a nice woman; the Orthopedic looks at me like they won’t do it for free. I talked to her, she said they can cover the first procedure, it’s the surgery that we can’t. Right away my faith built up more than ever and got the courage to be firm and said to the Doctor, we trust Him, no one else.

We had the faith, Marquitos will be fine with the first procedure, but the Doctors did not. The orthopedic asked if we were sure we wanted to take the risk, I said HE is in control. 

I went back to the room were Marquitos was, I tried to explain to Michael what I just went through and broke down in tears, I could not talk. After a few minutes I was able to talk and told Michael what happened and asked him if he would pray with Marquitos. 

We (Michael Erb & Mary) prayed over Marquitos, as I was saying Lord take control of this Doctor’s hands…someone open the door behind us, I believe it was the Orthopedic, we continue praying, they close the door.

They took Marquitos to the operating room, he needed anesthesia, and the Doctor did not even look at us and went in. Twenty minutes later he comes back as a nice person and said it worked 70% and that is good for me he said. I looked at him with a big smile and said Praise the Lord I knew He would do it, thank you Doctor, God bless you. Michael drove Marquitos and I to our house at midnight. 

If you will have faith as a little mustard seed, you will tell that mountain move and the mountain will move”. Thank you JESUS… 

Please continue to pray for all of us, thank you for your love, commitment and support. 

Love to you all, 

The family of Niños de la Luz 

Mary Kwiatkowski


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