Our Mission

Children of the Light was founded nearly 13 years ago by Bill Kwiatkowski. Now, co-director Mary Kwiatkowski and a growing number of staff members help the project stay operational.

The mission of Children of the Light, Inc. (COTL) is to provide LOVE and HOPE to the homeless street children of Honduras. We are located in La Ceiba, Honduras, which is the 3rd largest city in the country. COTL will provide the Honduran children with an alternative to life of the streets, showing by way of words and deeds the love, mercy and compassion of God. COTL sees drug addiction as a significant problem in Honduras and strives to help the children of Honduras to resist the temptation and care for the already addicated. COTL will reach this goal by providing a clean and safe haven for the children to go as an alternative to living on the streets. By providing shelter, food and spiritual guidance , we hope to provide a family atmosphere where children can live and receive an education through the attention and love of caring workers. Our goal is to help the needy children become productive citizens. COTL’s goal is to work with the whole person, body, mind and soul.

Tania, Principal and 1st grade teacher
Mariela, 2nd grade teacher
Deysi, school janitor
Ramon, educator
Salvador, educator
Walter, educator
Elvin, educator
Irma, cook
Martha, cook
Jose, guard
Antonio, night guard
No Picture Available
Victor, grounds keeper
Cindy, Michael, Alexander and Natasha Erb
Bill and Mary Kwiatkowski
Florida Director
Bill Kwiatkowski
Children of the Light
PO BOX 965
La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras
Email: billk@thechildrenofthelight.org
Secondary Email: cotl2002@yahoo.com
Phone: 011-504-3304-1414
Phone 2: 011-504-441-2936
Thomas Irwin
3615 62nd Street, East
Bradeton, Florida 34208

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